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Translating means transmitting a written message from one language into another.

In Yijie Translations we provide our clients with a complete translation service.


Print (sworn translations) & Electronic (PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Txt, etc.)

We also have a great team of layout designers and web developers ready for you. We are looking forward to helping you.

Quality is our priority and is our mark within the sector. In order to achieve it, we use a basic and effective translation protocol consisting of:

  1. Translation

  2. Proofreading – phase 1

  3. Proofreading – phase 2


All of these steps are done by native professionals specialized in the field.

Companies from all sectors:

Law firms, renewable energy companies, advertising agencies, NGOs and social-development companies, media agencies, pharmaceutical laboratories, food industry, telecommunications, banks, consulting firms, hospitals, insurance companies, electricity companies, institutional entities, cultural associations…

Translation, interpreting and other linguistic services:
  • Sworn Translation

  • Literary Translation

  • Financial Translation

  • Legal Translation

  • Technical Translation

  • Creative Translation

  • Medical Translation

  • Audiovisual Dubbing & Subtitling

  • Audiofiles Transcription

  • Editing & Proofreading

  • Terminological and Conceptual Research

  • Terminological Database Creation & Update

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