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Interpretation Services

Yijie Translations has over time collected over 3,000 certified interpreters in multiple languages. We find the feedback we receive from clients tend to be very positive as our interpreters are client focused and possess strong linguistic abilities. Below are a two of the most common types of interpretation services we offer:

Consecutive interpretation

The most common and basic form of interpretation, it is suitable for almost all occasions including visiting factories, small meetings, exhibitions presentations. The interpreter listens to the source language and delivers the translated content after the speaker finishes their sentence. In its most simplest form, the interpreter will speak across a table with no equipment required, interpreting a presentation would require the interpreter to be either on or off stage, speaking into a microphone.

Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation is a step up in difficulty as the interpretation takes place in real time. Generally this form of interpretation is suitable for large conferences, high level meetings or any situation where the organizer feels the flow and speed of communication warrants it. Simultaneous interpretation is mentally taxing for the interpreter and regular rest breaks must be provided to prevent the quality of translation deteriorating. Normally, two interpreters will take turns to interpret in 20-30 minute intervals.

In terms of the equipment required, the interpreter should be provided with a headset and a microphone in an isolated booth and the listeners provided with special headsets, all of which can be provided by Waterstone Translations.

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